Young Heroes Rescue An Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cord



Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin and Andrew were helping a woman in their neighborhood move when they discovered a dog in a dire situation.

The dog was tied with bungee cords to what appeared to be an empty house, and the boys knew they had to do something.

With the help of some bologna slices, the little rescue crew wrapped the dog in a jacket to keep her warm and brought her back to their home. They named the dog Sparkle, and shortly after the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue happened to drive by and see the boys outside.

The rescue’s founder Theresa Sumpter told WDIV:

“You could tell they really love this dog. They really were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

The rescuers explained to the boys that Sparkle would go right to the vet where she would get checked before eventually being listed for adoption.

Credit: Facebook- Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

After being taken to the vet, they learned Sparkle does not have mange and she will be put on a stray hold before finally going up for adoption.

Thanks to these four heroes for saving this sweet dog!

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue]

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