This Rat And Cat Are The Unlikely Couple You Have To See To Believe



It’s a classic love story older than Romeo and Juliet.

Cat meets rat. Rat meets cat. Rat loves cat. Rat clings to cat. Rat desperately attempts to win over cat. Cat tolerates rat (and for some odd reason doesn’t attempt to eat rat).

Okay, so maybe it isn’t about to turn into the next romcom starring Julia Roberts, but it certainly is a unique tale of two tails.

The feline (who we’ve dubbed Tom) and his rat companion (who is obviously Jerry), have a bizarre relationship. In actuality the rat is named Peanut and the cat is named Ranj, according to Youtube user chibudgielvr who posted the original video.

But Peanut and Ranj just doesn’t have the same ring to it that our two other favorite cat-rat-pack possesses:

[Credit: Giphy]

Typically, rats and cats are not on the best terms.

But this is 2015, friends. Gay marriage has been legalized in America, a black man is President of the United States, and rats and cats CAN be friends. Anything is possible!

Now all we need to do is solve the impending issues of global climate change, overpopulation, and our dwindling natural resources, in addition to racism, poverty, world hunger, and terrorism.

But in the meantime, here’s a video of a rat chasing a cat to distract you from all those other petty problems that you don’t have to worry about because you live in an industrialized society:

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