Soldier Cuddles With The Biggest Rabbit You Have Ever Seen



Is this a rabbit or a dog?

Typically when we think of rabbits, we imagine small critters (like these bunnies, who fit perfectly inside a cup).

[Credit: Youtube]

However, not all rabbits are that small. Some are bigger than a house cat!

This video shows a HUGE rabbit placidly sitting on the lap of a soldier. The massive beast doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and appears to comfort the soldier as much as the soldier comforts the rabbit.

Based on the shape and size of the bun bun, it’s likely this rabbit is a Flemish Giant Rabbit, a breed that’s known for its size.

When I watched this video, I cracked up looking at the enormous animal blankly sitting on the soldiers lap like he’s relaxing on a lounge chair. The two are a cute pair and this rabbit can’t help but remind me of a teddy bear.

Watch the adorable duo below:

These two are a perfect match that want nothing more than relaxation. If you like this soldier and his enormous bunny as much as we do, and if you are appreciate of our soldiers who brvely fight for our country, please SHARE with friends and family.

[Featured Image Credit: Rumble]

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