Photographer Captures The Messy Reality Of Shooting Newborns



Abbie Rogers is a professional photographer from Franklin, Indiana who specializes is newborn photo shoots. It’s safe to say that Rogers has just about seen it all in her career, but it’s not all that often that she’s able to catch these ridiculous moments on camera…

On Rogers’ website, she reveals “I feel like everyone deserves wonderful photos to be able to look back at and have those memories, so that is why I do what I do!”.

But, while most new parents leave with beautiful photos of their sleeping infants like the one below, the Carlson family received a little more than they bargained for.

Newborn Pryor poses for a less messy photo. [Abbie Rogers]

In a photo that has since gone viral since being posted on Facebook by the photographer, the Carlson’s new baby boy Pryor was snapped whizzing through the air in a perfectly-timed shot.

[Abbie Rogers]

Rogers told BuzzFeed it’s not the first time this has happened, but the photo is usually never so clear. “I do a lot of laundry after newborn sessions,” and added that normally it’s mom and dad who get squirted on.

[Abbie Rogers]

Since baby boy Pryor is the Carlton’s third child, it’s likely that they’re used to the mess…and I’m sure they didn’t mind a little pee to get a much more memorable photo out of the hilarious day!

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[Featured Image: Abbie Rogers Photography]

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