Hilarious Baby Can’t Figure Out Where The Spoon Goes



She might be messy, but she’s so adorable it doesn’t even matter.

When this little girl was given what appears to be a bowl of pudding, she made us grateful we aren’t responsible for cleaning up the mess (It even reminded us a little of the hilarious baby eating cake who provided us with a video as equally adorable).

The little girl is being filmed by a man who appears to be her father, and fortunately he seems to be a rather patient man. Meanwhile, his little girl attempts to sick the spoon in her mouth and manages to put it every other place besides the thing she uses to eat. Eventually, she gives up because when you’re two years old, smearing pudding on your face is a lot more fun than putting it in your mouth.

Watch as the little girl attempts to find her mouth:

Somebody needs to have a bath as soon as possible:

While this adorable girl definitely knows how to make a mess, we can’t hold it against her because of how much it makes us laugh. If it makes you laugh too, then please don’t hesitate to SHARE this lovely video with family and friends (providing they are not easily grossed out).

[Featured Image Credit: KeesAhoud via Rumble]

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