Dog Hilariously Switches His Spot In Line To Sneak Extra Treats



Everyone knows that our furry best friends can be pretty sneaky when they want to be, but you have to respect how the dog in the following video knows exactly how to get what he wants!

As you can see in this hilarious video, dogs aren’t always the most clever animals on our great, big planet, but every now and then, they definitely have their special moments.

In the following video, which was posted to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, we see how one tiny Shetland sheepdog pup learned how to stand out and take charge amongst his five siblings. When you have that many kids pets around, there always seems to be one sneaky troublemaker in the bunch and there is definitely no question who it is in this group!

As their Dad lines up the four Shelties and the one bigger dog hiding on the floor, he demostrates what it’s like during snack time in his bustling household. When the tiny dogs stand patiently, keep your eyes on dog number 1, as he quickly becomes dog number 4 and then switches back to his original place again, trying to pull a fast one on Dad.


This man might have a lot going on with all those dogs running around, but you just have to laugh at how the one brave dog thinks he’s so clueless!

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