Brace Yourself: This Adorable Puppy’s Smile Is Breaking Hearts



Wesley, the six-month-old golden retriever can’t stop smiling.

[Credit: Harborfront Hospital]

That’s because the dog just received a new set of braces from veterinarian Dr. Moore (a doogie dentist) and owner of Harborfront Hospital for Animals located in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Wesley belongs to Molly Moore, the daughter of Dr. Moore, and when her new puppy started having issues, the Doctor stepped up with an odd solution. Typically, braces are reserved for socially awkward middle-schoolers, but in this case, a puppy received his own pair.

When Molly first got Wesley, the dog was having a few issues when he began teething. “Once his adult teeth started coming out, we noticed they were coming in wrong and he was unable to close his mouth fully,” Molly told BuzzFeed News.

[Credit: Molly Moore]

“He wasn’t playing with his toys and he was losing weight,” she said. “It was very worrying for me, and we needed to do something for him to be pain free and live a happy puppy life.”

[Credit: Molly Moore]

The solution was to put the puppy under an anesthetic and give him a set of braces that would fix his problems.

Dr. Moore acknowledged that dog braces are an unusual technique, and typically they would be avoided unless absolutely necessary. In this case, Wesley was having issues closing his mouth, so he needed them to improve his quality of life.

[Credit: Harborfront Hospital]

“We don’t place braces or any oral appliances in the mouth for aesthetics,” Dr. Moore said. “We do this for pain or function.”

The good news is that Wesley won’t be an awkward brace face for long. He only needs to wear them for a few weeks to fix the problem. Then he’ll be back to his usual self.

[Credit: Harborfront Hospital]

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[Featured Image Credit: Molly Moore]


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