Boxer Acts As A Big Protector For Little Girl Climbing Down The Stairs



Everybody could use a safety net now and then, but this little girl especially needs one…and fortunately she has the best kind!

Maximus is more than just a boxer, he’s a shield for this little girl who is just discovering how stairs work.

The unnamed 2-year-old and her canine companion were posted to Youtube by Alejandra Perez-Rangel, where these two racked up over 2 million views for their precious bond.

The video shows our tiny toddler friend who is more curious than a cat. While curiosity is the best trait kids can have, it can get them into trouble sometimes. Fortunately, this little girl has a great big Boxer to help keep that curiosity safely in check.

While she steps gradually down the stairs, he acts as a barrier to keep her from taking a tumble:

[Credit: Youtube]

And as soon as Maximus safely helps her down the stairs, she’s onto climbing the next dangerous thing: an ominous ladder lingering in the corner of the garage.

[Credit: Youtube]

Fortunately, Maximus is right by her side to keep her from climbing that too.

This little girl is lucky to have a friend like Maximus. He reminds us of this loyal dog, an equally sweet dog that we found protecting Mom’s pregnant belly (don’t forget to watch it after you click the video below).

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[Featured Image Credit: Alejandra Perez-Rangel via Youtube]

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