Apparently, You Can Prank A Dog And End Up With Hilarious Results



Voice actor Rudi Rok is a man whose bark is bigger than his bite.

While we can’t exactly be sure of the um…size of his bark, we do know that he has quite an impressive range of sounds coming from his mouth. The actor can perform impersonations, accents, and even animal sounds.

So just for giggles, he teamed up with magician Jose Ahonen to see what would happen when they played a little prank on a couple of dogs. Typically, dogs aren’t very susceptible to prank pulling, however this group didn’t know what they were facing.

The talented actor got down on all fours and imitated a dog with impressive accuracy.

For the confused canines, it was a little bit like a dog walking into the room, shaking your hand, greeted you with perfect English and then started playing chopsticks on the piano:

I guarantee you’d be pretty confused:

[Credit: Giphy]

Well, the feeling was mutual for these dogs. They didn’t know how to make heads or wagging tails of the situation. The lost pups acted in a highly confused manner, and it’s quite a precious encounter you don’t want to miss.

Watch the questioning dogs attempt to figure out whether this is a confused human or just a really ugly dog:

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