26 Most Shocking Items Confiscated By The TSA



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You might think you have to be a flyer, especially a frequent one, but you have to be far braved to work for the TSA. You know, the TSA…The Transportation Security Administration who make your waiting time for a flight at least triple. But you need these guys, more than you could ever know, as they are the first line of defense for keeping air travel in American, and around the world safe for passengers.

You might think these TSA workers are being pedantic for checking your grandma’s bag for tweezers, but that’s their job, and most of the time they just confiscate water bottles and make up accessories from women! However, sometimes, they come across the most bizarre stuff that passengers travel with, and many of them don’t even know they’re doing anything wrong…

Then there’s these guys, the pure idiots of the world who think it’s okay to take their ninja stars and throwing axes on to a flight. Some of the things these TSA workers found during the course of their busy day are truly shocking, and it’s about time you checked them out…

26 Most Shocking Items Confiscated By The TSA is an article from: LifeDaily


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